Technology always improves the business results and capabilities of a company. To help identify hot prospects, manage promotional activities, focus on the greatest opportunities, and improve operational efficiency, companies are investing in customer relationship management, business process management and optimization, enterprise information management, business reporting, analytical tools and mobile devices.

Luminova helps companies define their technology strategy. We also help them to execute that strategy by designing, building, and operating the information management, reporting, and analytic systems. We then work alongside client teams to apply customized, problem-solving techniques proven to build IT value.

With our knowledge of best-in-class experts, we design and implement the best solutions. In doing so, we reduce implementation costs and timelines. More importantly, we design the solution with client’s needs front and center. And through deep expertise in introducing far-reaching change, we know how to get our partners to embrace new technology. Our areas of expertise include:

Strategy : Luminova helps clients identify the optimal future state of effective technology with their business needs. We then develop and implement a strategy to get there. Infrastructure optimization : Through processes such as hardware consolidation, process efficiency and automation, and staff allocation, we increase and improve infrastructure utilization, adding substantial value to clients’ assets. Cost management : Our experts help organizations reduce technology cost and deliver value in their existing environment, and define and manage the transition to a more efficient environment. Project turnaround : Luminova helps clients maximize the business results from large-scale technology initiatives, beginning with defining the requirements of a system all the way to capturing value in system implementation.

We have an outstanding track record in implementing technology solutions because we intimately understand how people work and think. In our role as a strategic partner, we often bridge the gap between our and their IT organizations.