JAVA/J2EE Course Curriculum

Core Java, JDBC

Java Platform Versions JDK Architecture Object Oriented Programming Java Data types Control Statements Classes and Objects Constructors and Overloading Inheritance, super and final keywords Polymorphism Method Overriding Interfaces and Packages Exception Handling Custom Exceptions Creation Threads Producer Consumer Problem IO Streams Serialization Generics Collection Framework SQL Overview, MySQL Setup JDBC Architecture, Driver Types Retrieve Data using JDBC from Database

J2EE Concepts, Servlets, JSP, EL Expressions

J2EE Architecture Install TomCat Server Tomcat hierarchy and Web Application Hierarchy Servlets, Servlet Life Cycle Servlet Config and Context Servlet Filters and Listeners Session Management SP Technology, JSP vs Servlets JSP Tags , Implicit Objects EL Expressions JSTL and Custom Tags Mini MVC Example for Registration Project

XML, Struts MVC Framework

XML, XSD, DTD XML Parsing Struts Architecture, MVC Overview Action Servlet Request Processor Using Struts Tag libraries Data passing from JSP to Controller Struts Config xml file Validation plug-in

Hibernate ORM Technology

Hibernate Overview JDBC vs ORM Hibernate Configuration Hibernate hbm and Config xml file Read and save data using hibernate Objects Using HQL Hibernate Mapping and Examples

Spring Framework

Spring Overview Spring vs Struts Spring beans Configuration Spring Config xml file Dependency Injection Write Spring MVC Applications Spring Controller Spring framework handler configuration View Resolvers

Web Services, Design Patterns

Web Services Architecture WSDL, SOAP and HTTP Configure Web Services Testing web services using JMeter Design Patterns Overview Singleton, DAO, MVC, Fašade, Business Delegate

JMS, JNDI, EJB, Ant, Ajax

EJB Architecture Types of beans, MDB and Session beans. JNDI Overview Directory Service JNDI looup and examples JMS Architecture Configuring Topic and Queue on Application Server Log4j Configuration Ajax Overview, Ajax Framework

Application Servers, CVS, JUnit

Junit Testing, writing a test case Test Suite, Test Runners Application Servers CVS Source Control Debugging Java Application