ORACLE and PL SQL Course Curriculum

Oracle Course Curriculum

The Oracle database environment Basic SQL*PLUS commands Basic SELECT Statement Ordering the output Conditional retrieval of data Working with variables Pseudo columns and functions Using non-character function Using the SET operators Aggregating data using group functions Creating Sub queries Enhancing groups function Transaction Control Language Processing hierarchies Data Manipulation Language Data Definition Language Using Declarative Constraints Database Security Improving query performance Other Concepts Blocks Variables Control structures Cursors Printing Values to Screen Procedures Functions Packages Design Tips and Techniques Triggers Dynamic SQL Oracle Supplied packages Collection data types

PL/SQL Course Curriculum

Basics of PL/SQL PL/SQL structures Error checking exception handling Boolean logic in PL/SQL Cursors in PL/SQL Iteration in PL/SQL PL/SQL tables Dynamic SQL in PL/SQL Nested blocks in PL/SQL Triggers in PL/SQL Stored procedures, functions and packages Bulking in PL/SQL