Luminova understands how the client’s businesses operate and how to improve them and reduce costs. We allow your business to trade out overhead and higher fixed costs for lower and more efficient variable costs, reduce your capital investment needs and improve your bottom line.

We break down processes to identify opportunities and challenges, using data, facts and rigorous analysis to drive our recommendations. Our experts uniquely understand the interconnections in the entire system of each client. As a result, we develop solutions that improve their overall system.

We also know that a new process design which may make sense on paper might be impossible to implement in reality. As such, we design new processes that reflect our clients’ operational realities yet deliver substantial improvements in effectiveness and efficiency.

Our outsourcing offerings complete the picture of how we improve our clients’ business operations. In return, they benefit from lower costs of operation, greatly reduced error rates, and the ability to shift their limited resources and energy to the critical parts of their business that they are best equipped to manage.

Luminova helps clients ensure that IT offshoring and outsourcing decisions are based on business strategy and we help set up deal structures, capability networks and sourcing agreements to deliver enduring results: lower costs now and flexibility for the future.