MICROSOFT .NET Course Curriculum

C# Course Curriculum

MS.NET Framework Introduction Developing Console Application Language Basics Introduction to Object Oriented Features Programming Object Oriented Encapsulation Inheritance Interface & Polymorphism Exception Handling Working With Collections and Generics Operator Overloading, Partial Class, Attributes, Reflection, Configuration Working with Components / Assemblies WinForms Data Access using ADO.NET Windows Services XML Multithreading Debugging and Tracing Delegates & Events

ASP.NET Course Curriculum

Web Programming Introduction HTML and JavaScript Introduction to ASP ASP.NET Introduction & Sample Programs Validation Controls Applying Themes and Styles to Controls ASP.NET Architecture Page Navigation Options Creating a Layout Using Master Pages User Control ASP.NET State Management Databound Controls Creating Virtual Directory & Web Application Globa.asax & Http Application Web Caching Authentication & Authorization Globalization and Localization AJAX.NET